Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God works in funny ways

I have had two interesting things happen to me this week that I know God lined up specifically for me when He knew I would need them.

As you probably remember, I went to camp a few weeks ago and expected to get paid for most of those days that I was gone. I got a rude awakening when I got my paycheck and found that I was only being paid for 2 of them. I was confused. I knew that I was going to serve God and not to just have fun and I thought God would take care of my finances while I was gone. That paycheck went quick. I had 2 bills due with that check plus gas and all the other things that are needed to live in this world. On top of that, I was planning a weekend getaway with a friend for the next weekend which would need some money.

Plans changed from a Traverse City or Mackinac Island trip to a weekend at my family's cabin up north. We ate cheap and just relaxed for the most part. It turned out to be what I needed. The stress of spending money that I don't have would have made the weekend less relaxing. And we discovered new places along the way that made it so much fun!

But I got back from the weekend and found myself with $20 to get me through the week, and half a tank of gas which would not last me until payday. I was struggling. I was wondering why God would send me to camp and then leave me here with no money because of it. Just when I wasn't sure what I was going to do I got a text message. The text message was from a mom who I babysit for occasionally. She needed someone in an hour if I could make it. I was just settling in for a nap and didn't really want to get out of bed! But I thought about it, and recognized that it was a moment God was presenting to me. I went and really enjoyed my time with the boys! They are very active boys, but I have a great time! Now I have enough money to make it to payday! Praise God!!

The other thing that happened was a little less of a necessity and more of an emotional need. As I have written about before, my home is basically a mixture of stress and chaos wrapped up into a too-small house. I went to bed and cried out to God, praying for someone to distract me or even remove me from the situation. I don't even know what I prayed exactly anymore, I just know that I was praying for a certain kind of friend to become present in my life. The next day at work I believe God granted that wish. I have been talking to a coworker and getting to know him. He seems to have a gentle spirit and is just a friendly guy. That was what I was praying for. I don't know if he is a believer, but I know God sent him as a distraction from the chaos. It is always fun to get to know new people!

Please pray for me to get control of my finances and for my new friendship to be what God wants it to be.

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