Friday, June 15, 2012

What is He doing up stream?

"God will silently plan for you,
His purpose will all unfold;
Your tangled life will shine at last
A masterpiece of skill untold."

I'm not sure who said these words, but I know they speak truth into my life! I am a masterpiece at the hands of an almighty and loving God. We may not see God working right now, but He is always there.
I love to relate this to the story of Moses and the Israelites as they escaped from Egypt. God split the Red Sea and all of the people walked across the floor of the sea and it was dry! That sounds all well and good to a kid in Sunday School, but when you really think about the reality of that, it is unfathomable! The water had to be somewhere right? God was working up stream to stop the water. And what about all of the creatures in the water? Where did they go? God was working up stream. Can you imagine being up stream and seeing the water backing up and wondering what was going on? They were probably so confused by it all. What if it had been a dry time and all of a sudden, the banks were being overflowed and the water just continued to rise?

God works up stream! We can't tell what's going on when we're standing on the banks of the Red Sea staring into the deep water, until all of a sudden the water parts, taking the fish and the weeds and the waves with it. You tentatively dip your toe in and test the ground and it is completely dry, just waiting for you to take the first step into the river bed.

Is God asking you to take that first step into the river bed and trust that He has orchestrated everything you will need up stream? Are you willing to step in and trust what He says?

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