Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Growing pains

God has a funny way of teaching. He doesn't do things the way that I would expect most of the time. Sometime that is very stressful for me. I don't want to be taught things and forced to grow, but God continues to stretch and teach me the things that will prepare me to face whatever is coming my way up the path.
Recently my sister went through a divorce and that has resulted in some growing pains for most of my family. She moved back in with us until she can find a house. Not to mention the fact that she brought along 2 very active kiddos with her that only add to the stress and tension that is rising in my household. This morning was yet another strike of pain in my growing process. I am used to getting up and getting in the shower at my convenience, but with 4 adults and 2 children in the house now that doesn't work as well. I woke up late this morning and went upstairs to get in the shower. (Did I mention my sister got my room in the deal and I am sleeping on a mattress on a pull out couch bed frame in the family room?) Alicia was in the shower when I got up there. I was running late and really needed to take a shower, and knowing my sister it was bound to be a ridiculous amount of time before she was done.
I wanted to be mean and tell her to hurry up and get her butt out of MY shower. I wanted to cry out of my sleepy frustration. I wanted to run away from home. But I didn't do any of those things. I laid down on my parents' bed, with my towel as a pillow, and tried to just enjoy the extra few minutes of quiet in my morning. This was just a small interruption. What am I going to do when the big interruptions start? I know they are coming, I just don't know when or how. But I also know why. God is teaching me patience in this crazy situation.

What is God trying to teach you? Maybe it is patience too. Or maybe forgiveness, love, wisdom, joy, peace, faithfulness, or self-control. How are you doing? Are you allowing God to pull and twist you in order to make you the person that He intended you to be or are the growing pains too much for you and? Have you taken heart or given up? 

{{{{Please pray for my family while God is teaching us these painful things. Pray that we learn patience in gracious ways and we will take it in stride and not in strife. Also please pray that Alicia would find a house quickly. She is putting in an offer on one in Waterford and it could mean good things and lots of space. Pray for patience and understanding within the family.}}}}

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