Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting messy with life

I just read a poem by Ann Keimel-Anderson called "I gave God time" and I really liked it, but there was something that hit me wrong about it. There was a segment that said,

"to long for truth.
no blur. no mist or fog.
to know life in clean, untarnished

Life would be great without the mist and fog that comes with not knowing what is coming over that hill in the distance, but I don't think I want "to know life in clean, untarnished terms". I believe that life is supposed to be messy. How can you truly know that you are living if you don't get a little messy with it from time to time?

I have never been an overly neat person. As a little kid, my bedroom was usually just short of a disaster. Cleaning was not a priority. I would have much rather been outside playing or helping my dad with his latest car project than clean (as most kids would). My life has always been just a little messy. I hate wearing shoes, so my feet are usually at least a little dirty. My car seats are covered with stuff, which comes in handy when I'm cold and happen to have a hoodie in the backseat! I don't walk straight, literally or figuratively. I change my mind frequently. I can't stick to one thing for a long period of time.

I believe that when life gets messy is when we can truly see God work. If it is completely neat and controlled there is less of a need for a God. It is not always bad to make mistakes and become weak, because the Word says it is when we are weak He can be strong. When we are a mess He can cause things to fall into perfect order. Praise the Lord for that because I am a mess!

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