Monday, January 16, 2012

We are Hosea's wife

I recently read through the book of Hosea and I was surprised at how much I didn't remember from the last time I read it (which was shamefully long ago). When I think of Hosea I think of the Brooke Fraser song "Hosea's wife" which says "We are Hosea's wife, we are squandering this life, using people like ladders and words like knives". We are living to please our flesh and not to glorify God. 

Hosea isn't just about his wife being a prostitute and Hosea's continual struggle to keep her from chasing other men and their wallets, it is a picture of God and Israel at the time, and can also be a picture of our relationship with God. Israel was living far from God and He finally got fed up. 

I can relate so much to Israel at points in my life. I can easily find myself chasing after my own pleasures and desires, and living outside the will of God. I know there have been times when God has turned from my shameful acts and could not watch as I made a mess of my life, but He never stopped loving me and longing to have me back by His side. His word says, "But you! Return to your God with faithful love and justice, and wait continually for your God." {Hosea 12:6}

God spends a majority of the book proving that He will not stand by and watch as Israel disgraces His name, and then the last chapter is a beautiful picture of God's grace and mercy that comes with repentance. He says, "I will hear their waywardness and love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them." {Hosea 14:4}

Are you living in a manner that causes God to have to turn away from you? Are you going to choose to repent and return to God or will you continue to attempt to get back to God on your own time?

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