Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A matriarch is defined as "a female head of a family, a woman who is the founder or dominant member of a community or group, a respectable and dignified older woman." The woman that embodies that definition is a pretty amazing woman in my book.

I grew up without grandfathers for most of my life. The only grandfather that I have known, my great grandfather on my dad's side, passed away when I was 6 after a long struggle with illness. Because of this, I have grown up surrounded by strong independent women. These women have taught me some incredible lessons that I am so thankful for.

The lesson that sticks with me above the rest is the love they had for their husbands, even long after they were separated by death. My great grandma, who lived to be 98, lived on her own for the better part of 15 years after my great grandfather passed away. She would tell my dad that he would have to take her out of the house in a pine box if he wanted her to move out. Her and great grandpa built that house from nothing. That is where my grandfather was born and raised, and where grandchildren and great grandchildren, and even great great grandchildren, were always welcome and well cared for. I loved to listen to her stories when I was a little girl.

She told me about a boy that she had been set up on a blind date with. They did a double date with mutual friends and were riding in the back seat of the car. He tried to kiss her and she made the driver stopped and threatened to walk home if her friend didn't sit in the back with her and make the boys ride up front. She told me this and then said, "It wasn't long after that I met your grandpa. He was such a gentleman and he never would have pulled a stunt like that!"

I want a love like that! A love that truly lasts 'until death do us part'. It might sound cliche or impossible in our culture, but I am crazy enough to believe that I have a God that is big enough and loves me enough to make that happen.

This couple is such an inspiration! They died holding hands an hour apart, after 72 years of marriage. Read their story too!

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