Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ten truths for a weary soul

I wanted to make a list of some of the most basic truths that I am clinging to right now. Things seem so topsy-turvy in my world and I have to hold on as tight as I can to things that I know to be true.

1. God is still God
   ~ He is Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Loving, and In Control of EVERYTHING

2. If something is in God's plan, there is nothing on earth (or anywhere else) that can stop that from happening
   ~ He is in control (as previously stated!) and no scheme of man or devil can shake that control

3. He knows what He is doing
   ~ Whether He says yes or no, opens doors or locks them and throws away the key, He makes no mistakes.

4. He has my best interest at heart
   ~ God wants what is best for me and He won't just leave me in a bind to figure it out on my own. He also won't put me in the wrong situation. He wants good things for His children.

5. There is a reason for everything, even when I don't understand
   ~ There are many times when God steers me in a different direction than I would expect and I find myself crying out to God because I don't understand what He is doing. But He sees all things and I do not.

6. He has a plan for my life
   ~ Jeremiah 29:11 is my proof

7. God has blessed me more than I seem to remember
   ~ When I get frustrated and don't see the good in my life, I am reminded that I live in a great country where I can work and make money and I am not in slavery or oppression. I sleep in a warm bed in a safe home. I have food in the fridge and clothes on my back. I can go to church and read my Bible in public without the risk of persecution. I don't have any right to complain.

8. I can always rely on Him
   ~ Even in periods when God seems silent in my life, I know that He is always with me and watching over me.

9. God will provide for all of my needs
   ~ Even though sometimes it doesn't seem like it, looking back, there has never been a time when I have gone without something I needed. God always provides in some way, maybe not the way I expected, but He provides.

10. Jesus loves me
   ~ I may not know how to receive it, and may not always feel it, but if He was willing to die an awful death for me it is clear that He loves me.

What truth is God speaking to you today?

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