Friday, December 21, 2012


As 2012 closes and a new bright and shiny year is perched on the horizon, I can't help but look back and reminisce about what this year has brought. It's about this time that I look back at the ending year and it looks worn and dirty, fraying a bit (or a lot) around the edges. And when I compare that to the shiny new year that is just ahead the past year looks even more broken down and beat up.

And here is a bonus about 2012, we survived yet another prediction of the world coming to an end! 

This year has been full of hard changes and uncomfortable periods of growth. I found some pictures of the highs and lows of this year, so I figured I would share them with you to give you a glimpse into this strange year, 2012.

This is how my year started. We lost one of the kindest yet strongest women that I have ever had the privilege to know. My grandma, or just Gram, was quite the babe!

I got to meet Miss United States and sneak backstage to get a picture with her! That was pretty cool!

After my sister's divorce, I got to sleep here for a few months. Note that mattress is seated on top of a pull out couch frame!

I got to visit Chicago with my mom, aunt and some friends! It was a great weekend away!

One of this year's adventures to Bay City! It was a fun weekend get away with a great friend!

Then I got to go back to Chicago! Flew in at 8 a.m. and flew out at 8 p.m. No plans, just fun! And the Navy Pier ferris wheel!

I'm going to South Africa in July! It still has to be worked out by God, but that's the plan and I am fund raising to be able to afford it!

I turned 25 this year! The big quarter of a century. I'm so glad all these wonderful people celebrated with me! And now, that awkward waiter in the background will be immortalized forever here!

There were so many other things that I could have picked, but these are the things that stood out to me the most this year. I can't wait to see what 2013 brings. Hopefully more good than bad and more adventure than boredom!

How was your 2012?

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