Monday, February 13, 2012


The father of lies is always at work in our lives, but he is even more active and loud when we are on the precipice of something wonderful. The devil wants to keep us in a state of confusion and doubt. He tells us things like:
~ you're not smart enough/pretty enough/good enough
~ you cannot accomplish this
~ what you thought you heard was not what was said
~ you're wrong
~ what you are hoping for will never come true
~ God doesn't want you to be happy
~ there is no God
~ if there was a God he wouldn't give you that anyway
~ stepping out of your comfort zone will do you no good
~ you belong in a mental institution for thinking you hear the voice of God

Even as I write this blog I have the thought in my head that no one will want to read it and that no one cares. I can call that out as a lie right now, and I am so sure that it is a lie because I hear it so often. This lie has stopped me from writing so many things that I have started and then deleted because I could not get past the lie to write what I know I was supposed to say.

The word says over and over again that God wants to give good gifts to his children. He wants to show us every blessing we can ever imagine and so much more that we cannot. He is a loving Father who loves to give us the things that we desire. If we delight ourselves in him, he will give us the desires of our hearts.

What lies are you believing right now? Maybe it's about a new job opportunity. Or a relationship you are praying for. Or maybe doubts of everything in your life and why you believe what you believe without any real proof. Call out these lies in the name of you Father who loves you. Tell him exactly what you are being beaten down with and ask him to expose the lies of darkness with his perfect and loving light.

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