Monday, December 5, 2011

Breathing for a purpose

Every breath that we breathe was given from God for a purpose. What are you using these breaths for? Are you using them to edify God or use His name in vain? Are you using them to lift someone up or knock them down? Are you using them to calm the turmoil raging inside you or fuel it in someone else’s life? Are you using them to soothe or to distress? Are you using them to teach truth or lies? Are you using them for kindness or strife?

These questions really hit home for me today. In a world where words are so important, where texting and tweeting and status updates value using as few words as possible to get your point across, and where people are judged harshly for what they say, what impact do your words have? Are you glorifying God with every word that slips from between your lips? Or maybe you have good intentions but sometimes things slip out that you didn’t mean to let slip out. In that case, are you sending the world mixed signals of what you believe? Are we, as visible Christians in a dark world, doing all we can to build the kingdom, or are we allowing seemingly small things, like our words, to further harm?

I know that I have been the cause of further harm. And for that I want to say I am sorry.

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