Friday, December 14, 2012

My Modesty Challenge

I have never been one to dress extremely immodestly. I've had my moments just like everyone else, but for the most part I try to keep it classy! Growing up my parents simply wouldn't have allowed it! My father was a police officer my whole life, so he saw many consequences of women dressing immodestly and ending up in terrible situations, from rape to murder, they were all bad. He never wanted me to be in that situation and for that I am thankful. I am so glad that I have good parents that taught me how to dress. There were many times that I would go shopping and try on clothes and when I came out of the dressing room to show off my cute outfit my dad would shake his head and send me back in to change.

I look at the young girls today and how they dress and it makes me sad. They don't have the type of parents that understand the importance of how a young girl dresses. They think it is cute to put a little girl in a bikini. Or they want their daughters to feel good about themselves, so they buy them that ridiculous push up bra or low cut shirt (or both) and think it will help with self esteem through the attention that they get. This has the opposite effect on these girls.

At the youth group at my church, we bring kids in from all over, and I can spot the girls who's parents aren't involved or don't pay as much attention to the messages their children are broadcasting to the world. I have found myself thinking "My father wouldn't have even let me wear that around my own home, let alone wear it out in public or to church!"

It is sad when girls strive to get attention from men in this way. They don't understand the risk involved. In a perfect world, a girl should be able to wear whatever she likes and no guy would even have an impure thought about her, let alone think of touching her. But we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a twisted world where girls aren't even completely safe in their own yard with their parents just inside.

I want to tell these girls that you are beautiful. You don't need to flaunt all that you have in order to attract that cute guy. He will respect you more if you don't actually.

This video is great because it is 2 college aged guys talking about how they feel about women who dress immodestly and how important it is for women to be modest.

So for the next week I want to challenge you, and me, to dress modestly. I will upload pictures of the outfits I come up with.

And if you're struggling to figure out if something is modest or not, here are a few simple tricks:

1. Can you bend forward without exposing anything and without others being able to see down your shirt?

2. Raise your arms over your head, does your belly show?

3. Sit down on the floor, do your pants slide down a little too far?

4. Kneel down, is that skirt long enough to keep everything covered?

5. Would you be mortified if you saw your mother or even grandmother in the same outfit?

Modesty does NOT mean frumpy. There are plenty of cute clothes that are modest, or can be made modest easily by adding a tank top underneath or a scarf over it.

Here are a few outfits I found online that are super cute but modest at the same time!

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