Friday, February 17, 2012

Who are you?

Lately I have been struggling with the thought of "who I am". Not that I'm having an identity crisis at 24 or anything, but it can be tricky. There are so many ways that we define ourselves.

Our Facebook profiles, which give more information than some of our closest friends would usually know. For instance, most people don't need to know about my love of Jane Austen novels, my obsession with Twilight or my fascination with men covered in tattoos.

Our Twitter profiles, which limit your character count to 140 and therefore force creativity and brevity. Currently, my Twitter profile says "Poor post-grad itching to see the world and to see it changed for Christ. I believe dirty feet are a sign of a good life." But that doesn't really sum up "me"!

To the world, I am a "Church girl" who spends more of her time in a 'sanctuary' than out in the real world. Opting out of nights in the bar to go to yet another Bible study, youth group function or church service.

To some of my more conservative church acquaintances, I am seen as a "liberal, would-be party girl" due to my collection of sweatshirts with Greek letters on them identifying me as a sorority girl. Not to mention the fact that I attended a public high school and college (devil worshiping schools obviously, considering they allow men and women to share stairways and even apartments).

My parents see me as their little girl who was 5 just a minute ago. The youth group kids think of me as an old lady who is generally in bed by 9:30.

But the real question is, who am I to God? This is one opinion that we often overlook. But it is the most important.

We let the world tell us that we are nothing, one out of millions of people, just another face in the crowd, and not good enough or worthy enough of a person's precious time. But that is a filthy, filthy lie from the devil designed to keep us from realizing our potential and becoming all that we are meant to become.

God says that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made". I have never quite understood this phrase. I looked it up once (good old google!) and found an article about how intricately we are woven together. Our bodies do things without even having to be regulated consciously. For instance, when was the last time you told your heart to beat or your lungs to fill up with air? How is it that your eyes can transmit the words you are reading to your brain which formulates words in your mind, but never have to come out your mouth to make sense? And one that is true in my life, if you have grown up next to train tracks or in the flight path of an airport your brain stops triggering your ears to transmit the noise to your brain. (I have lived next to train tracks since I was 3 years old and most of the time the only reason I actually take note of the trains is when my bed is shaking!) If all of that doesn't astonish you, I think you might be dead! (Did you forget to remind your heart to beat? lol!)

So who am I to God? The One that created the universe and wove our bodies together when we were in our mother's wombs? God created me. He has counted every hair on my head (which is a lot!) He gave me this exact personality and image for a purpose. I don't fully understand that purpose yet, but one day I will be able to look back on this moment here and say "I understand now why I was in that exact place at that exact time!" Isn't that so cool? And the best part is that He knows you too, even if you don't know Him. He is waiting for you to realize that He has better plans for you than you could ever dream up in a million years! But He is also the ultimate gentleman. He will not barge into your life and demand that you worship Him. He will wait patiently, putting signs of His love for you in  your path. I bet if you look back over the years you have lived and think about those times when you thought something was luck or coincidence, you may begin to realize that luck and coincidence don't make any sense, but the everlasting love of your Creator does!

So who are you AND who has God designed you to become?

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