Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day a.k.a. singles awareness day

I have never had a Valentine... shocker I know! Some of my single friends call today "Singles Awareness Day". That makes sense. People who were content to be alone last week or even yesterday are surely struggling today. Today brings people to depression and loneliness. And suicide attempts are high today. It is sad to me. A day that is meant to celebrate love, causes people to feel worse.

Don't get me wrong, walking into any store from January 1 through now is like getting smacked in the face with loneliness, or like having a spot light on me that says "this girl won't be buying any of that stuff or having anyone else buy it for her this year. What a loser." But really, getting chocolates and cards with big red hearts all over them is not the only reason to celebrate this day.

In order to keep myself sane this year, I made a list of reasons why I know that I am loved. I may not have a man in my life, but there are so many other reasons to feel loved:

I feel loved because my mom ran downstairs as I was leaving for work this morning to give me a small box of chocolates and a cheesey little valentine that said "Cutie Patootie, that's you, Valentine!" with a little mouse looking animal on it

I feel loved because my dad sends me and my mom flowers every year on Valentine's Day

I feel loved because I know the Lover of my soul, Jesus

 I feel loved because of the friends I have that really care about me

I feel loved because I have a good job with nice people

I feel loved because my mom does my laundry for me when I don't have time

I feel loved because my niece and nephew think I am the coolest aunt in the world! (they are right!)

I feel loved because my 3 year old nephew still gives me big hugs and kisses every time I see him

I feel loved because they would rather hang out with me than play with all their toys

I feel loved because I have friends that would drop anything if I needed them

I feel loved because I visited my great aunt in the hospital and she knew exactly who I was and was so excited to see me, even after 5 years

I feel loved because my dad makes sure my oil is changed and tires rotated

I feel loved because I have never had to change a flat tire myself, even though I am fully capable

I feel loved because Jesus loves me even though I do not deserve it one bit!

Now you finish this sentence:
I feel loved because....

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  1. .... my husband (and my mother) would do anything for me any day of the week. I know that is not coming from a "single" point of view, but we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day because we poor!!

    And I am thankful for the consideration of God, even in the littlest things that I don't often spot His hand.

    Happy belated Valentine's Day! You ARE loved!