Thursday, November 3, 2011

When everyone's shoes suddenly become very interesting

I know you have seen this happen, and probably done it yourself from time to time. I know that most people have sat in a class that they really didn't want to be in, or at some kind of show that required audience participation, and as soon as the teacher asks a question everyone's eyes suddenly hit the floor. If you don't make eye contact they won't pick you right? I feel like this happens with followers of Christ a lot! I was listening to a podcast recently where a panel of women spoke to a large group of college females. She was talking about her battle to finally get to the place when she could tell God she was going to be okay if she was single for the rest of her life. She said that she was afraid that God would pick her if she volunteered. But if she stared at the floor and didn't make eye contact with God (which you probably can't because I'm pretty sure you would die, or your head would explode or something!) she would be picked for sure and be sentenced to a life of hard singleness.

This is a hard truth that God has been pushing into my consciousness little by little for the past few weeks and if I'm being honest it scares me out of my mind! At one point in my life, I was completely sold out to the idea that I could be content to be single, but I am not sure what happened because I can't get myself back into that headspace for some reason. I see the advantages of being single and being able to serve God in any way that He asks. But my heart yearns for a husband that I can serve along side in ministry. I am afraid to say to God that I volunteer to be single the rest of my life and be content to serve Him alone, but I'm terrified He will take me seriously and actually pick me.

I don't have the answer for this, just something I wanted to get out of the cave that is my brain.

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