Friday, June 10, 2011

Someday I will have the life I dream of

Someday I will have the life I dream of, filled to the brim with love and kisses. I will be able to fill my home with the things I love and things that inspire me. I will have a home where I feel safe and cozy. I will have big armchairs to curl up in and a love-seat to share with my love. I will line the walls with books. And buy only things that speak to me. Like antique, leather-bound books and picture frames filled with city skylines and flowers and such. I will wear big rings and animal necklaces. And I will hunt at flee markets and craft shows to find interesting pieces. The furniture in my house will change every week and my love won't know what to say or where to sit when he comes home from work. I will have a few kids (maybe), all boys I hope, and they will call me blessed. I will be the good housewife I believe I was born to be and have dinner ready when my beloved comes home from work. I will clip coupons and stash away a little money each week to surprise my love with a romantic getaway. Our children will have good manners but know how to be messy kids as well. And I will live in the arms of my beloved until we are old and gray. If I get the life I dream of.

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