Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roads to travel

I got thinking about my future today. It's kind of a scary thought for me lately. The way I see it, there are 2 paths that I would be content to travel down in my near future, one as unlikely as the next.

One of them would be to marry a man with a good enough job for me to be a housewife and mother. Some girls my age think I must be old fashioned to choose such a life, let alone to aspire to have it. They can think that if they want to, but to them I say good luck not feeling guilty when you drop your 6 week old precious baby off at day care for the first time when your maternity leave is over. Trust me, I have worked in day cares and know the look that every mother and many fathers have on that first morning. It is not an expression that I care to wear at any point.

The other path is to work in ministry somewhere. I presently work part time at a church as an intern. I have the pleasure of mentoring some amazing young girls and I love it! If there were a way to work enough to support myself in an environment like this, I would jump on it for sure. However, I am learning that there are sadly very few opportunities for women to work full time in ministry. But God can do anything, so now I wait.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I am not dating or engaged... so the likelihood that I will get married and become a housewife anytime soon is slim at best! Stay tuned to find out what may come of me and what path I will take.

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